Cutting Edge Journal of Research and Innovation in Engineering

Volume 3, Number 1, Spring/Summer 2011



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Using Six Sigma for Continuous Improvement in Engineering Technology
Sarai Hedges, University of Cincinnati; Virginia Westheider, University of Cincinnati   5

Vehicle Profile Design versus Solar Energy Collection: Styling Considerations for    15
Solar-powered Personal Commuter Vehicles

Yi-hsiang Chang, California Polytechnic State University

Cellular Automata and State Space Representation Applied to Urban Land-use Modeling: Norfolk    25
Thongchai Phairoh, Virginia State University; Ayodeji Demuren, Old Dominion University; Keith Williamson, Virginia State University

Automatic Facial Expression Recognition Using 3D Faces     30
Chao Li, Florida A&M University; Antonio Soares, Florida A&M University

Photovoltaic Energy Systems: A Feasibility Study     35
Youakim Kalaani, Georgia Southern University; William Nichols, Georgia Southern University

Development of a Compact Three-Phase Induction Motor Drive System with Discrete Components      42
Shiyoung Lee, The Pennsylvania State University Berks Campus

Dynamics of a Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)     52
Alvaro Vargas-Clara, Arizona State University; Sangram Redkar, Arizona state University

Green Plastics: An Emerging Alternative for Petroleum-Based Plastics      59
Zaki Kuruppalil, Ohio University

Learning Effects of Desktop Virtual Reality (VR) Environments in College and Career Technical Training      65
Debra Steele, University of Arkansas Fort Smith; Argie Nichols, University of Arkansas Fort Smith

Challenges of EVs and HVs to the U.S. Electrical Power Grid        68
Faruk Yildiz, Sam Houston State University; Kenan Baltaci, University of Northern Iowa

Integrated Remote Management forBio-processing Experiments      75
Ali Givmanesh, University of Houston; Rupa Iyer, University of Houston; Driss Benhaddou, University of Houston


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